Company History

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   Benefits of a geographical position of the city of Almalyk - crossing of raw flows and proximity of consumers, a possibility of transportation of goods both automobile, and by rail - have caused the choice of the place for future entity on release of mineral fertilizers.

   On the Almalyk chemical plant in 1969 process of receipt of the granulated ammophos on a basis of phosphorites Karatau (Kazakhstan) has been performed. By staff of the entity together with research and design and institutes for the first time in world practice of the tukovy industry, the technology of direct extraction of phosphoric acid from poor phosphorites of Karatau is developed.

   The plant is constructed on the project the Urals by GIPROHIMA, based on data NIUIF.

   On December 18, 1969 the first stage of production on release of extraction phosphoric acid and ammophos has become operational. Release of the granulated ammophos from the phosphorites of Karatau containing 24,5% of phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) is mastered.

  • In 1973 the second queue is put into operation.
  • In 1978 – the third queue.
  • In 1980 reconstruction of the second queue of the entity is performed.
  • In 1981 the shop on release of sulfuric acid (SK-40) is put into operation.
  • In 1986 – the shop on release of extraction phosphoric acid No. 4 is constructed and put into operation.

   Production capacity on release of sulfuric acid makes 500 thousand tons of MNG a year.

   Experiment on designing, construction and operation of the Almalyk chemical plant has formed the basis of designing of a number of the entities in Central Asia of production of the granulated nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizers based on poor ores of the basin of Karatau.

   In 1993 the shop on production of environmentally friendly fiber boards is put into operation. Capacity of shop - 500 thousand sq.m. All processing equipment is grouped in the form of one processing line. Drevesno - fibrous plates are made on the basis of a guzapaa - stalks of a cotton and a kenaf.

  • In February, 1992  Almalyk chemical plant is transformed to the Almalyk production association "Ammofos".
  • In December, 2001 the Ammofos production association transformed to Ammofos open joint stock company.
  • In February, 2009 it is transformed into Joint-stock Company Ammofos-Maxam.

   Based on the 1st queue of JSC Ammofos new technologies and the equipment for receipt of the granulated ammophos have been created. So, the technological chain the "dryer granulator" consisting of a drying tower, a smachivatel and a drum of the granulator has been replaced with one device "BGS" (a drum the granulator - the dryer), with release production the areas: the technological thread became more compact in hardware execution. The cascade scheme of neutralization of phosphoric acid ammonia consisting of 3 collections D =3m, N =2m has been replaced with one device "SAI-100" - the high-speed shock-absorber - the evaporator - the sizes D =1m, by N =3m in which at the same time there were reactions of neutralization and evaporation, to formation of an ammofosny pulp. Installation of bubbling type for evaporation of an ammofosny pulp is included in engineering procedure that has allowed to increase performance of devices BGS sharply.

   During the designing and construction of the 2nd and 3rd queues of production all these technical innovations have been used and are operated now. During reconstruction 2-oy queues of production in 1980, considering operating experience of the 1st queue, in addition to the 4th BGS existing on the project L=16m have been established 2 more BGS in size D =4,5m. Functioning of the equipment is ensured by SAI-150. Reconstruction has allowed to increase capacity on phosphoric fertilizers of shop of ammophos - 2 to 207,2 thousand tons of 100% of P2O5 a year. The EFK-2 shop has been added with one more rotary K-100 vacuum filter that has allowed to increase capacity of shop on release of phosphoric acid to 136,4 thousand tons of 100% of P2O5 a year.

   Developers of new devices and technologies were specialists of the entity and staff of institutes of NIUIF and NIIHIMMASh. A general designer of all 3 queues of the entity was URALGIPROKHIM.