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General information

“Ammofos-Maxam” is one of the largest enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan was put in operation in December, 1969 and nowadays producing complex nitric-phosphoric mineral fertilizers based on Kyzylkum phosphorite. The enterprise is part of joint-stock company “Uzkimyosanoat”. In February, 2009 49% of stocks of the enterprise are realized to the foreign investor -the Spanish Corporation “Maxam Corp, S.A.U"

“Ammofos-Maxam” s factory is located at the foot of Kuramin mountain 60 kilometers from Tashkent and 7 kilometers from Almalyk city. It occupies an area of 194,5 hectares.

 The company consists of two fertilizers producing unit of ammophos, two units of phosphoric acid extraction, one sulfuric acid unit, one unit manufacturing of consumers goods, several auxiliary workshops and JSC «МАХАМ UZBEKISTAN». Production capacity of JSC “Ammofos-Maxam” is

  • 217,5 thousand tons in 100 % P2O5 equivalent and
  • 500 thousand tons of monohydrate sulfuric acid.

Main company’s products are ammophos, ammonium sulphate-phosphate, suprephos, mono-ammonium-phosphate, ammonium sulphate wood-fiber board. Products of JSC “Ammofos-Maxam” are in great demand in the doomestic market and are used in various zones and on various types of soil for all kinds of agricultural products thanks to balanced composition of nutrients. JSC “Ammofos-Maxam” as permanent member of “Trade Leader’s Club” has the opportunity to advertise it’s products in various industrial publications with worldwide circulation. JSC “Ammofos-Maxam” closely cooperates with scientific research institutes of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Russian Federation. The enterprise has high industrial potential for cooperating with all interested partners.  
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