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"Ammofos-Maxam" JSC's Instruction on "Checking Candidates for Employment" is being implemented.

   Based on the requirements of the guidelines, to minimize the risk of entering into labor relations with candidates who do not have sufficient knowledge and experience to perform official duties in society, who are prone to committing offenses, including corruption and other fraudulent activities, as well as the characteristics of the candidates' character and The Compliance Service of the Society has organized work to ensure the elimination of corruption and other threats to the reputation of the society.
   Based on the results of the investigation, preventive interviews are being conducted with newly hired specialists and workers in cooperation with the Personnel Department of the Compliance Service of the Society.
   During the preventive interview, newly hired specialists are explained the content of the Anti-Corruption Policy, Conflict of Interest Management Policy and other procedural guidelines adopted by the Society.
   It is also explained that when they find out about corruption violations or encounter them, they should report it to the compliance service of the Society and for this they will not be subjected to any kind of pressure and will be under protection.

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