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Refutation of false information about the illegal dismissal of employees at JSC " Ammofos-Maxam»

On 05.06.2021, a video appeared on the Internet, filmed from the pre-factory territory of JSC " Ammofos-Maxam "with information that JSC" Ammofos-Maxam "illegally dismissed women who had worked for many years at JSC" Ammofos-Maxam " without any payment.
This information does not correspond to reality, for the following reasons: on
June 03, 2021, a group of women home-based workers of JSC "Ammofos-Maxam", massively appeared at the gates of the company, expressing dissatisfaction with their dismissal.
None of the employees captured on the video, labor relations are not terminated.
The people shown in the video are home-based workers of JSC "Ammofos-Maxam" (vegetable growers, rice growers, poultry farmers).
These workers, being not in harmful production ,but at home, seasonally, grew products for working canteens.
Providing employees with hot meals in the canteens until March 1, 2021 was carried out by the department of public catering, which was a structural division of JSC "Ammofos-Maxam".
From March 01, 2021, in order to improve the quality of food preparation, the provision of food to employees of JSC "Ammofos-Maxam" was transferred to a third-party specialized company on the terms of outsourcing. The outsourcing contract was concluded by competitive selection through the UzRTSB trading platform in accordance with the Law "On Public Procurement".
Due to the fact that the terms of outsourcing provide for the full process of providing food from the purchase of food to the preparation of ready meals, the Company decided on May 25, 2021 to reduce some employees of the home work service, due to the lack of work volume for them, as outsourcers purchase food from their suppliers on the basis of long-term contracts:
Vegetable growers-54 units;
Poultry farmers-35 people;
Rice farmers-10 people.
The reduction process is carried out in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan in compliance with all guarantees and standards.
On June 03, 2021, the specialists of JSC "Ammofos-Maxam" (head of the personnel department,lawyer) gave appropriate explanations to the workers of home work.

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